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Re: 959 (No Audi Content)

> I also think I recorded my only encounter with a 959 here on the list. I
> was southbound on the M1 in atrocious weather, cruising at not much over
> 70mph.  A 959 came past in the outside lane, doing only a couple of mph
> more than me.  The driver looked across as he passed, and then he smiled
> and gave me a really expressive 'thumbs up' signal.

Talking of 959 encounters I had a chance to sit in one (see my web 
page for pictures)..
And it happened on Canadian soil.
A british buisnessman brought it over for his trip to Canada.
During the shipping the clutch frose up (moisture) and the car
was brought to a authorised dealership (where I know most of the 
people including the owner) and is located in my town.  The clutch 
was ordered from Germany and the car spent about 3 weeks here.
Couple of times I missed when the car was moved out of the showroom 
but I did get to see it in detail when it was on the hoist taken 
apart.  Aperantly the dealer (PFAFF) is authorised to work on these.  
They also work on all the press and comertial vehicles.  One twin 
turbo came with a broken gearbox after a car magazine reprter 
mishifted at high speed?!  That's the explanation I got.
Trully a magnificent car!


Martin Pajak

1982 Coupe TURBO (473,150 km)
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1982 Coupe (154,000) parts car

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