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Turning UFO's

>Is this really so (impossibility of turning the UFOs)?

>I've had a car dealer (not Audi authorized) whose speciality is
>Audi V8s make the claim that "Oh, we turn those rotors all the
>time". Was he jes' havin' some fun with me? Mind you, he was
>trying to set my mind at ease about the prospect of buying (from
>him) a '91 200q with UFO brakes.
All it would take is some kind of mandrel to mount the rotor on, and then a
special tool holder to get to the back side of the rotor. You would
probably have to turn it on a regular engine lathe, not one of those cheap
little brake turning lathes (if you can call them a lathe).

Personally, I would just put on new pads, then when the rotors get close to
minimum wear thickeness, buy new rotors and change the pads at the same
time. I think my car still has the original rotors, 131,000 Miles!

I have had a little pulsating over the years, but presently I have none!


Paul Waterloo
Brookfield, IL

91 200q with original rotors at 131K miles!

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com