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'90 V8 versus '91 200q

Well, now that I have had a chance to drive both, I can report on
differences and my personal likes/dislikes.

When I was looking at '91 200q's, I thought they were basically the same
car as the V8, they aren't. Specific differences:


The dash is different, doesn't have volt meter, but does have analog clock.
Reset buttons for trip odometer and check for dash and clock set is all on
right side of dash, the 200q has buttons below the speedo and tach. The
grain on the dash on the V8 is much more deep than my 200q.

There is more wood in the V8, it has it above the seat heater switches,
defog switch, etc. 200q does not. It also has wood around the shifter, the
200q does not. The wood is the walnut, the 200q is the "zebra" wood, which
I like much more!

The footwell for the passenger side on the V8 is much smaller than the
200q, it also has the fuse box behind the kick panel their versus under the
hood on the 200q. The glove box has carpeting on the bottom half of it,
where the 200q has none. The door panels on the V8 on the bottom have
carpeting on them (kinda next to the speakers) but the 200q has none. I
think I like the carpeting better.

The V8 has seperate seat heater switches in the back for the back seats,
the 200q runs off the passenger side switch.

The V8 has the sunshade in the back window, I prefer tinted windows.......

The V8 has a "cupholder" and first aid box in the rear arm rest, I like
that! You can also unzip the ski bag from the inside of the car and stick
you hand through to open the trunk door for the ski bag from inside the
car. Neat novelty.

The V8 has a much nicer carpet set in the trunk, it even has pleather
covers over the springs in the trunk so they don't scratch anything! Very

The V8 has very cool aluminum inserts on the rocker panels when you open
the doors. The front doors say "Audi"......I wish my car had this.

Obvious outside differences: different tail lights, V8 has different flares
on fenders (the ones on the 200q are just as cool), V8 has very cool front
end, bumper and headlights/foglights! Even though they are DOT, they are
much brighter, especially the bright lights! Very Euro.....very cool....

The door handles on the V8 are the color of the car, looks good. It looks
like the roof is lower on the V8, a little less headroom, or it just might
be the SPORT seats! The panel behind the rear door above the rear fender is
ribbed on the 200q and flat on the V8, the only car that got the flat

Performance wise, my 200q feels faster. The V8 is AWESOME for around town,
especially in Chicagoland area. No need to shift (automatic), very torquey,
put the tranny in sport mode and it has awesome shift points! Nothing like
a V8 that redlines at 6200 RPM! Once the V8 gets above 40 MPH, it starts to
get really much faster.

The V8 seems to have a more heavy suspension, very solid, solid. It handles
great. It is a quattro! You got to love it!

Overall, the V8 is AWESOME. This and the 91 200q have to be the best luxury
sedans out there for the price. Let's see, mine was 13.6 K almost two years
ago, my friend just bought the V8 in pristine condition for 12K, total
price is 25.6 K! You could buy both of them and drive the other one when
one breaks down. Cool.....

I still prefer my 200q to a V8, but the V8 is more luxurious, you can tell
it is a one of a kind car. Maybe a 91 V8 with a five speed? Cool.....



Paul Waterloo
Brookfield, IL

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com