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Re: Springs 864KCSQ

> Another lister has suggested using springs from an 84 4000Q, which he sez
> were stiffer to start with and haven't displayed the sag-with-age property.
> What do you think? They aren't new, or aftermarket. But are they a cure?
> Mine sag to the snubbers with 300 pounds (2 men) on the bumper, but they
> sit fairly level with no load anywhere.

Funny you should mention that. The reason I have an idea how just low my
4kq is, is because I also have an '84 4k. The 4k sits at least 2 inches
higher than the '86 4kq in the back. Two point though, the '84 has less
weight in the back (no driveline) and it gets about a 1/2 inch lift from
gas charged struts that I installed. Still, I bet the springs _are_
stronger in the '84 4k.