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100/A6 rear brakes

Has anyone successfully done their own rear brakes (pads and calipers)
on a '92 and up 100/A6?

On my '92 100S, I tried this morning... but the project was aborted. The
top one of the two 8mm hex bolts going through the backing plate that
holds the caliper assembly on (and would subsequently let me remove the
rotor) is positioned in such a way that it is blocked by the parking
brake assembly. I had gone out and bought a 8mm hex head socket... and
that wouldn't squeeze in between... and I also had a 8mm allen
wrench/key... and that too wouldn't fit in between!! ARGHH!! Who
designed this mess?? Is there a "special" 8mm tool that is used?

I thought maybe the parking brake assembly could/should come off... but
the Bentley doesn't say so (as usual... in a vague sort of way, it says
"remove the two bolts"!!), and I could see no way that it could (unless
the caliper assembly was off... ugh!!)

Anyone BTDT?


                             Jim Griffin
                          Maryland, USA
    "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                        '92 Audi 100S
                   '87 VW Quantum Syncro