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A4 oil usage

My father is the owner a 96 A4 2.8 quattro that uses 3 quarts of oil
between dealer oil changes (7500 mi).  The car has about 30,000 mi on it
and there are no puddles in the garage.  Is this normal for this engine.
The dealer has been told about the oil usage, but they tell my father that
it is normal and nothing to worry about.  
	From my eperience this is not normal and I would consider it "bad".  I
have a 83 ur-q with 105,000 mi. that uses half a quart every 3000mi.  My 95
S6 with 65,000 mi. has not used a drop of oil.
	Is it time to play hard ball with Audi?  or is this normal and nothing to
worry about.  As always your advice is appriciated.

Jeff Hemmerlin
95 S6
83 ur-q