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Re: '90 and '93 100Q radio questions

Don Forte wrote:
> [...]
> Also, I have a '93 w/the original radio that only turns on occasionally.
> >From the ads I see for rebuilt ones, I would imagine that this is fairly
> common.  I'm thinking of removing it to check the on/off switch.  Does one
> simply insert some sort of rod into the 4 holes?  Is there a particular
> order required?

No particular order to this, except that you need something in all 4
holes at the same time.  Some people use coat hangers but they didn't
work very well for me--too thin.  I used small screwdrivers.
Anyway, cram something in all four holes, then put your hand in the
cassette hole and pull it out.  The wires that connect it are kind of
short; if the radio doesn't pull out enough, open the ashtray and you'll
get a little more wire to work with.

> If I can't fix it, I'm thinking of a Blaupunkt radio and changer, but
> wonder if it's a problem to install an aftermarket on this car, since I
> can't find a harness adapter at Crutchfield or elsewhere.
Well the unit you have is a Blaupunkt in fact.  As for wiring, if you're
so inclined you can probably make one yourself--the pinouts for the
connectors are on stickers on the radio.



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> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Don