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Re: Center caps on Ronals

In a message dated 98-01-31 02:42:01 EST, you write:

<< I'm looking for the part number of the small black caps that fit in the
 2 inch center holes in the 16 spoke Ronals. I have the larger flat
 covers right now, but thought it would be fun to try a different look
 for a while. I have the part number for the VW version of the cap, but
 don't really want the VW logo on there.

... actually you have several options.  The black caps with the Audi 
logo have a part number of 841 601 165 01C (... these are the orig-
inal caps for the Ronal wheels on the urq 15x7 & 15x8.  There is 
also another option, which is the caps for the Fuchs 5-spokes, 
which is Zermatt silver and covers the entire raised portion at the 
center of the wheel (P/N 437 601 165 ... or possibly 811 601 165).  
These caps are available in 3 color codes: V7Z "old silver bright" 
V7T "zermatt silver" and 0A9 "Pearl white".  Finally you might 
want to consider the center cap on the A8 wheels (darker grey 
and more rounded ... but you know that :): P/N 8D0 601 170 A 7ZJ.  
When you come by to return the crank pulley tools I can show 
you what they all look like ...

Since you're going to be leaving those ugly lug bolts exposed you 
may want to consider getting the plastic caps for them ... 
321 601 173.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)