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Another parts dept experience

After this mornings successful coolant leak detection I moved on to tracing
the cause of the very low (just above stall speed) idle that the Ur-q has
been demonstrating this week. Although I thought that it was an air leak, I
used it as an excuse to clean the ISV but there was surprisingly little
debris removed by the carb cleaner so I couldn't blame that. A bit more
poking around revealed a split in the weird 3-port cam cover vent hose, so
after a quick tape job I visited Layerthorpe Audi.
I received the usual dis-interested response reserved for members of the
public who do their own servicing, but after giving the guy the part number
got told that he wished that every customer was as helpful (and there I was
thinking that he was there to help me). I didn't like to tell him that I had
seen him use the parts fiche and I really didn't want to waste the best part
of an hour watching him answer the phone while mis-identifying 3 or 4
components until he found the correct one. It didn't help though - they
didn't have the hose in stock (my - WHAT a surprise) next delivery is

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro