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S6 and V8 FS-Chicago

The following may be of interest to someone.  Ads were in today's Chicago
Laurel Audi(SW Chicago suburbs) 1-888-873-3669

'95 S6 one red and one black.  No price or miles or other info. given

Loeber Motors 847-65-1000
'90 V8, 44000 miles.  $17,495.  No other info in add.

Audi Exchange, Highland Park, 847-432-5020
'91 V8, stick, black and black, 64,000 miles, $18,990

Laurel and Audi Exchange are on the Internet.  Cannot remember bu they
might be accessible through a server known as World Wide Wheels.  URL is
probably http://wwwheels.com.

Have not seen any of these, have no interest (actually I have much
interest in the red S6, just just no "scratch" to take care of the "itch."

Bill Murin
89 100q
now at 159,100 miles