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re: European Precision

I >highly recommend< the catalog put out by European Precision as a handy
reference for determining parts interchangeability between various models.
It is 30 typewritten pages of Audi/VW parts with the factory part numbers,
price and description.  It can be very useful when browsing U-Pull
boneyards.  And who knows, you might actually want to buy something from
the folks who publish it.

I ordered parts from them only once, several months ago, and have no
complaints.  When I asked them if their 5KS radiators were all metal they
said that's how they had been coming thru lately.  It turned out to have
plastic end caps.  But they didn't promise so I guess I can't complain.
None of the parts I bought from them had audi markings or part numbers on
them, but they all seemed to be the correct replacement.

You can contact European Precision at   euroselect@aol.com to request a


Columbus, OH
89 100 w/ 85 k miles
87 5KS w/ 116 K miles, w/ new bomb  
86 4KQ, w/ Konis and retarded timing (tooth jumped)