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Re: 4000S Quattro Stereo Wiring: Where is Switched Power??

In a message dated 98-01-31 23:42:29 EST, you write:

<<  am ready to install my new stereo, and figured out most
 of the wires.  Besides the speaker wires, there are 3:
 Red - always power, White - antenna signal (I think),
 and Blue/White - lighting (tied to dash dimmer knob)
 But I CAN'T FIND a switched power wire!
 What color is it?  Is there one?  If not, any hints on where to wire
 this from?  Or (gasp) should I just connect it to the Red power wire?
 Please help!
 John Baker
 1985 4000S Quattro  
 jbaker7@yahoo.com >>


There is no directly available switched power to the radio.  You can, however,
use anything off of current track 15, which is switched power from the
ignition switch, or current track X which is from the Load Reduction Relay,
also a switched source.  

I personally would pull the shelf from under the left side of the dashboard
and hook up to the bottom of the fuse box.  There are several unused terminals
that suit the requirements.  Try the HOT side of S18 (Not used on the Q;
originally for power to the rear wiper), or one of the two terminals labeled
M75s.  These are visible on the fuse box if you look very close.  Or...you can
use Scotch-locs (I personally avoid) that break the insulation (and often a
few strands of wire) and hook to any passing wire that is of the switched
variety.  I can identify some of those if you want.  Let me know.

Bruce Johnson
85 4Ksq
Olympia, WA