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85 4ksQ questions (3 part)

First off, I'd like to thank all those who have responded with great suggestions, especially James Marriot- you were right about the thermo fan switch/thermostat temp combinations- replaced the 80C with 87C and it did the trick.  And Sandy Duffy; thanks for the paint tips!  Now to the questions:
    1.)  I've recently noticed that sometimes that when depressing the clutch pedal, it stays low to the floor.  When I pull it back up w/ my foot it stays up.  The clutch seems to be operating fine.  It doesn't do this all the time.
    2.)  I recently remember reading a question that was submitted to the list about a strange knock/click in someone's daughter's  5000 that could not be identified.  I checked the archives and couldn't find it.  My car has recently exhibiting similar behavior.  It sounds very similar to valve knock, but it doesn't do it when not moving and the engine is revved through the rpm cycle- only when driving.  Nor does it happen when just coasting at any speed.  The noise did not occur when my mechanic came along for a test drive (of course!!!)  It also seems to get louder at times and at other times nothing at all.  The car came with a crazy muffler- stainless steel, 4'' pipes and glass packed resonators.  It sounds good, but I'm wondering if the noise could be related to the exhaust somehow?   A very perplexing problem.
3.)  Finally, anyone know of a wax/waxes that a good for protecting enamel paint?
Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Sorry for the rambling.
Thomas C.  Turse
85 4ksQ 138,000