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Re: Noisy hydraulic tappet?

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From: Flemming Christensen <fl.christensen@get2net.dk>
Date: Sunday, February 01, 1998 11:21 AM
Subject: Noisy hydraulic tappet?

>Starting the car this morning I noticed a distinct tapping noise from
>the cylinder head. I think I it could be a noisy hydraulic tappet.
>The noise disappered again after a couple of minutes when the engine got
>Besides from this, it's a perfect running '88 MC-1 engine which has done
>about 190000km.
>Supposing that it's a noisy hydraulic tappet: Could this be due to
>normal wear? Any BTDT's?

Hi Flemming;

    Noisy tappets are fairly common on Audi engines; in fact the Bentley
mentions this and says it's not a problem unless the noise doesn't stop
after the engine warms up. I think it mentions running the engine above 2000
rpm to see if the noise stops. I've noticed noise from the tappets on my MC
engine a few times; usually after it has not been run for a week or so. It
always stops after the engine runs for 30 seconds or so.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  245k km