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Re: Rear defrost not working

Hairy green toads from Mars made Michael Williams say:

> Fluhr decided to speak these words:
> >Upon further examination, it looks as if the traces are severely oxidized.
> >Am I correct in thinking that the traces are made of copper?  Could this
> >oxidation prevent the defrost from working correctly?
> >
> >Anyone know of a safe way to clean the traces without breaking them?
> Check the switch on the instrument cluster.  On my coupe, it wouldnt work 
> at all, so i took the switch off cleaned it out as best as i could, and 
> if i mess with the switch sometimes, i can get a connection, but that is 
> what it might be.....

The switch is a common failure (BTDT * 2), since *all* of the
power of the defroster goes through the contacts; there is no relay.

However, since there is 12V at the wires, the switch is doing it's
job. It could be that the wires are dying. There is a "paint" out
that conducts for repairing these beasts. A quick trip to Auto
Palace (or wherever) should do the job for $3.


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