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Re: Signal Problem after Rack Replacement

Paul Hutchinson wrote:
	I have just finished replacing my steering rack, according to directions 
that I've found on the Q-list.  Thank You!
	But now my turn signal will not turn itself off after a turn. I thought 
the signal mechanism was inside the column, right behind the steering wheel. I
moved the column to unscrew the rack, but how could this interfere with the 
turn signal mechanism.

If you did not attach the column far enough down on the rack spline this could
cause your problem. Can you push the steering wheel down, ie. is there a
distance greater than one-eigth of an inch between the back of the steering
wheel and the front of the column multi switch? If so, loosen the clamp on the
rack shaft and while pushing down on the steering wheel, (using an assistant
or a 2x4 between seat and wheel) tighten the clamp. The gap can also cause the
horn not to work and, in my case, a grinding noise when the wheel was turned.

Good luck,
John Katos
87 5ktq and various Alfas