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Re: Listmeister @ Applehill Rallycross

> Found on the rally list results for Applehill rallycross.
>  21     O4    Dan Simoes          Audi Quattro      16:56   21      7
> IOs there a story that goes with this, or did I miss it in my digests.  
> MANY audis in results sheets.

Can you send the URL or the complete results to me?

Yes, I ran (very carefully).  The track was so bad after the
second run that I stopped running.   As it turns out, I did
manage to damage the car - crack in front bumper, but in a
non-obvious spot, and not functionally important.
Still, I won't be running this car there again.
Hmm, maybe I should have kept that 84 4kq :)

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