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Re: CQ Plug wires

>I may be offbase, but I thought the sole reason for buying the 
>bigger 8.5mm/performance wire was to lower the resistance 
>for the electrical current!?  No sense in boosting coil output 
>and the like if the wires resistance is hampering the effort.  I 
>think I'd be bent if I found that my new Hi Perf wires had the 
>same or higher resistance!

I quote Magnecor's web site (www.magnecor.com):

>"Magnecor does not make any claim that their current KV85 
>Competition (8.5mm) and R-100 Racing (10mm) Race Wires 
>have "low-resistance" conductors, nor do the conductors need 
>"low-resistance" for any practical reason. Magnecor does not 
>claim its Race Wires increase horsepower, and any horsepower
>gained by the use of Magnecor Race Wires results entirely from 
>the ability of the wires to maintain full conductance and suppress 
>EMI that previously robbed the engine of horsepower.

I bought these wires because I needed new ones, and these seem 
to be some of the best ones made. The 20V NA engine produces 
quite a bit of heat in its narrow confines, and these wires should 
be able to handle it. They also have very good RFI and EMI 
suppression which will help keep the computer from getting 
confused. Check out their web site. They give a pretty good 
explanation of the reason why there are many low resistance 
wires being advertised.

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN