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Re: 90q seat

It would solve half the problem, the leather is all destroyed there too.


Dave Head wrote:

> At 11:43 AM 2/2/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >I'm looking for some parts help. I have an 88 90 quattro with light gray
> >Recaro (style) sport seats in it. They are manual adjust & heated. The
> >lower side bolster area is wasted. Anyone know of a good used seat or
> >just the bottom out there? Please help, it hurts to get in the car
> >'cause I hit the metal bar from the inside of the bolster when I sit
> >down. (whining)
> If they're the individual side bolster type, the inner foam piece is avail
> via yer dealer. For 25.00 per side its about the best deal going...
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