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Fwd: Marvel mystery oil

You said:
>I recently took my 87 5kcst to a new mechanic who supposedly specializes in
>Audi.  He swears by using Marvel Mystery Oil in the crankcase.  Has anyone
>any experience with this stuff, good or bad?  Isn't it just a quack additive?


I've never heard of running it in the crankcase.  Doesn't seem to be a
great place to put it.  I have used it in the gas tank before.  An old
racer friend of mine told me it was what they used to call "top oil" and
was used in the fuel to lube and clean the valve train and the fuel
delivery system.  It will quiet noisy lifters I have used it in many cars
(Audi included) to quiet noisy tappets and valves. Any other BTDT out there?