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Re: Here's a stumper...for me in any case

At 08:30 PM 2/2/98 -0400, geo wrote:
>On start up of the 5kq all idiot lights go off.  Drive off and both the
>parking brake and bat. idiot lights start to glow at around 1500 rpm and
>peak at 2000 with no change after that.  In the daylight it is very hard
>to see this, so when I say glow I'm talkin' very low level glow.
>Checked the alt. output and it's fine.  Perhaps stray voltage leaking
>into this circuit?  Anyone BTDT?  What wahrs/connectors to check etc.?

You said you checked the alt output, but did you check it at idle or at
2000+ rpm?  I had similar symptoms on my 5kq intermittently for a week or
two.  Last week right after we got snow and ice, on my way to work on the
interstate, they lit up bright and stayed lit.  I pulled over, and sure
enough the alt. belt was nowhere to be found.  Replaced the belt last wed.
and haven't had a problem since.