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Update - How to paint Audi Ur-Quattro

So, I finally got the correct (!) answer to my question about the black paint on an Audi Ur-Quattro.

The paint should be 'non glossy' (matte) black. This information comes from an Audi Paintshop - should be the correct information... (also thanks to listers who said the same in their private messages)

If you think that your paint looks 'semi glossy' it could come from age and / or waxing / polishing. So the message is (from the same Paintshop) - don't wax or polish the black paint unless you like the change.

Hope that this help other Ur-Q owners as well.

I am planning on publishing my restoration pictures (loads of them) and the progress on a web in the near future - beware though that the car will not be full ready in at least another year...

/Jonas Sultan

Audi Ur-Q 1982 (in restoration)
Triumph TR6 PI 1969 (original condition)
MB 250S 1966 (restored)