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quattro quirks part II (Perplexing problems!!!)

Hi All!  My 854ksq is losing brake fluid- about 6oz. every two weeks or so.  There are no noticeable leaks on the garage floor or around the master cylinder.  I replaced the front brake pads recently and no leaks around there either- bleeder valves are tight.  Any suggestions?
    Also, I'm still trying to figure out this strange "click/knock" noise that has recently been occurring.  I've ruled out lifter/valve knock, cv joints, suspension related noises, center support bearing (recently replaced) and the brake booster/manifold vacuum pump (recently rebuilt).  The noise sounds very similar to lifter/valve knock.  Once again, the symptoms are- it only occurs when driving the car.  It doesn't occur when revving the engine when stopped- the engine revs smooth through the band, nor does it occur when coasting at any speed.  You can really hear it when applying heavy throttle and seems to be loudest in cold weather, until the car is warn.  The car has an after market exhaust- stainless steel, 4'' pipes and glass packed resonators.  Wondering if the noise could be exhaust related?
    Finally, the car is being painted- yes enamel at a cheapie place.  I couldn't see spending a third of the cars value on paint.  Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions on waxes that will help protect an enamel finish?  A clear coat was mixed in with the final coat.  Just looking for a little longevity.
Thomas C. Turse
85 4ksQ
Evergreen, CO