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Time for Timing Belts

In message <Pine.SOL.3.96.980203082729.11696A-100000@iris.nyit.edu> Sachelle Babbar writes:

> The s1 resembled something of an urq, but not really. Shorted wheelbase,
> 20 valves, k27 turbo. The street version had 305 hp and was named the
> Quattro Sport, quattro sport 300, or in different order depending on who
> you talk to and the Market.

If you see a Sport and an S1 parked side-by-side, you will find it hard to see 
a strong resemblance.  Inside, they're _completely_ different.  The S1 is built 
entirely of _very_ thin Kevlar panels - the doors are the same weight as 
breakfast cereal box tops.  The weight saving is comparable with the most 
extreme race cars - there are no locks, for instance.  No rims around the 
instruments.  Only one seat.  No panelling at all.  The Sport's body is 
basically an ur-quattro with 23cm(?) chopped out of it - it's rather laughably 
fitted with four seats.

Things are pretty different under the bonnet, too.  Both have massive 
intercoolers occupying the front of the car - the Sport has a radiator much 
like the ur-quattro's, but the S1 mainly relies on oil cooling rather than 

> What are the going prices of them now? Original was listed as 98,000DM.

A Sport would cost between GBP40000 and GBP65000 depending on condition and 
pedigree.  An S1?  Perhaps GBP250000?

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club