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Re: Callaway Turbo Kit

Gary Erickson writes (1/28--yes, I'm behind a few days):

[feasibility of aftermarket turbo'ing a NA I5?]
>The conclusion that I came to was that w/o any sort of knock sensor, and
>with the higher compression ratios of the N/A engines, you'd only be
>able to run ~4-5 pounds of boost before temperatures and the threat of
>detonation would start to cause you serious problems.

hmmm...let's compare.  the 4kcsq is 8.5:1 CR, 2.2L I5.  the somewhat
pedestrian B230FT (2.3L I4 SOHC turbo) in my wife's Volvo 940 wagon has an
8.7:1 CR.  This is NOT a sophistocated turbo folks--yes, it has
LH-Jetronic, and a knock-sensor ignition (basically a bolt-on--NOT
integrated with FI computer).  But--wastegate control is simply an analog
signal (compressor boost) to the wastegate actuator--that's right folks, NO
COMPUTER CONTROL OF THE WASTEGATE!  For this, you get 162 hp at 4800 rpm
and 195 ft-lb torque at 3450 rpm.  (Earlier versions of this same engine
used K-Jetronic, with much the same boost control systems).  

>The MC motor itself is just better suited to use with a turbo with the
>oil squirters for the pistons and the sodium filled exhaust valves.

true...just thought i'd offer some more food for thought--I'd guess a
home-brew turbo conversion on the stock 4kcsq engine is doable for the 
slightly ambitious.
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