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Boston Area Dealers and Loaner Cars

> Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 11:15:18 -0500
> From: Jay Welsh <jwelsh@thecia.net>
> Subject: Buying a Ma Audi?
> Just to show there's two sides to every conversation I have 
> had nothing but good service from Pass+Weitz 
> I got my car for 5% over invoice, no problems to mention and have
> a general good feeling with their level of professionalism and
> Who Knew they were idiots? ;-)
> The only place I have had a bad experience is with IRA in Danvers Ma
> when I went in and wanted to ORDER a car they would only sell me out 
> of stock. Strange, but I simply went somewhere else.
> Clair seems okay but they didn't want to move on price when I was
> they do seem to know their parts though!
> Brookline VW/Audi seemed too stuffy
> Natick Bernardi VW/Honda/Audi has good VW service but they are kinda a
> megelo-mart 
> dealer and didn't get a good feeling when asked them a few strategic
> knowledge questions.

When we bought our A4q (back in April '96), we first went to Clair and
got a very good price.  I ended up buying from Bernardi because they
were willing to match the $300 UNDER invoice.  Bernardi was more
convenient and was willing to "throw in substitute transportation
while the car is in for scehduled maintenance".  The only complaint I
have with the dealership is that it considers Ford Escorts and Mazda
Proteges to be substitutes for an Audi.  I have had the conversation
multiple times that it is absurd that they give a $12,000 car to
someone who leaves behind a $30,000 car.  They counter with the fact
that AoA doesn't provide for anything, so I'm way ahead of the game.

Never mind that Brookline (and I think Clair) both include service
loaners when they sell you a car.  Audi as a whole needs to recognize
the competitive landscape and require its dealers to provide loaner
cars .  Lexus, Infiniti and Volvo all do this...

Does anyone know about other Boston area dealers and whether or not
they provide loaner cars during service?

BTW, we bought a second car from Bernardi in December (a Honda this
time), so I haven't let this get in the way of their ability to
provide a good deal.  They have fixed Internet pricing and it will
help you avoid the old "what do I have to do to get you to buy the car
today" line...


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