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Re: 5ktq clutch prices? (parts only)

> Sorry for the BW, but since the archive search is down . . . . 

> I just got a quote for clutch pieces for an '87 5ktq.  Please remember
> that these are _parts only_ there is NO labor here.

> Pressure Plate $109
> Disc $111
> Throw-out bearing $12.72

> Total $232.72

> I just wanted to find out if this was in line with what some of you have
> seen.  The guy behind the counter about fell over when he got the prices
> out of the computer, but he also admitted that he's used a mid-80's
> Jetter that he can buy all the parts for ~$75.

That's low end of what I've heard.  It's usually around $250 for everything.

If you ask a dealer, it will be over $500.