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Time for Timing Belts

In message <01bd30eb$4201bd60$9e08379d@a-mikemi1.dns.microsoft.com> JoMi@msn.com writes:

> At 73k, the belt on my 91 200q had a crack every 1/8th inch about 1/2 way
> thru the belt.  I take a look at mine on a regular basis now - usually at
> oil change time.

Remember that the engine (=belt) tends to stop most often on the compression 
stroke of the cylinder with the highest c/r.  Therefore, the same pieces of the 
belt wind up sitting in the same attitudes time after time.  The idler roller 
has the smallest radius and bends the belt _outwards_.

Next time you take a belt off, take a look at the cracks.  The ones you see on 
the outside are the small ones.  The ones on the _inside_ ...

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club