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Specs for 2.2l 10V Cam Upgrade

Help is appreciated!

Going to rebuild my 2.2 Sycnro wagon, want to give it a little extra 
:-).  Going to have the cam grinded to better specs, but need any 
information/ referrals to those who have successfully done so.  Spoke 
with TAP and they indicated that an England shop "Piper cams" does their 
re-grinds.  Please email me at the following address if you have any 
tips, suggestions and full specifications for increasing performace on a 
2.2 10v cam.  Also, if you know how to contact "piper cams" I would 
appreciate a note.  Thanks for any help you can give me!!!!! This list 
has saved me more than once!  Please don't send back to the address this 
message came from - it is temporary, use the one below.