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Re: WTB: 15" rims for Coupe

 # Did any Audis come with 15" 4 bolt wheels?
... I don't know, but they are certainly available.  I attached 
something I saw in the e-pages ... but I think its a bit more 
than the original poster was looking at.

I don't know for a fact, but I would expect that there are some 
15x6 wheels from a 5000 that might be available in the 4x108 
configuration ... if you're on the west coast try calling German 
Auto Salvage in Berkeley or DADS in Rancho Cordova ... or the 
number below ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

           BBS Race/Road wheels, 3 piece,4x108 lug
           12/24/1997, DAVIS, California (Northern)

           These rims are a rare find. 3 piece construction,15x7
           rim, Silver mesh center with polished lip. Race/Road
           series with open lug, German origin. Super light, never
           dinged or damaged. A perfect fit for Audi 4000Q,
           Quattro Coupe20v, 5000s, GT Coupe. I am only selling
           because I don't have 4x108 lug cars anymore. I can send
           photos. $800.00 for the set.
           E-mail from this site or call.
           530-297-7333 (leave message)