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Re: Brembos

I know they make them for Audis, got a set sitting right in front of me
here waiting patiently to be installed.  ("That's a red light Elliott." 
"I know, I know."  "So are you going to stop, or what?"  "I'm trying! 
I'm trying!"  "AAAAAH!!!"  *pant pant*  "lemme out of here!")
Yep, they're going in Thursday, I mean it this time!

To get them try KVR or Foreign Autoparts.


"Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling
( Westley, "The Princess Bride" )

SETUP010@aol.com wrote:
> I looked on the Brembo site but there is nothing for Audis. Does Brembo make
> brakes for Audis? If so where can I buy them?
> -Thanks, FSMITH