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More than you wanted to know.

<<He teaches a handgun marksmanship course, somewhere in Arizona - many of
his students are law enforcement types, including some DEA, FBI, CIA, etc.,
and when he's done with them, they CAN shoot straight.>>

Actually, Mike, he sold the place.  It's called Gunsite Ranch.  Known as a
quality school for learning shooting techniques for various applications.
Cooper is still around, saw him in Vegas last week at the SHOT Show.  Jeff
writes a monthly column for Guns & Ammo magazine.  He is also recognized as
the "Father of Practical Shooting" and was a founder of the International
Practical Shooters' Confederation.  IPSC style shooting is currently being
proposed as a demonstration sport for the Olympic Games in Greece.

Another good school is Mid-South Shooters Institute near Memphis run by John
Shaw.  Plus, if you're a fast learner, and John likes you, he might take you
down to Mississippi to shoot a few turtles out of the water.  A redneck sport
of the highest order.  (Too bad it's winter right now and they aren't out....)