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Re: sunshine penetration photosensor

Our Volvo 960 has one of these that is integrated into the
alarm-blinky-stay-away-from-me light on the dash by the door pillar.  It's
a clear window with a black square.  I assume that it is not a photosensor
but a black-painted thermistor to sense the amount of thermal radiation
coming into the car(I think the manual even refers to it as a "temp
sensor", not a light sensor.)That and the other two temp sensors in the car
seem to keep everything working well.
Interesting that Audi took a different approach.  I know Saab also uses a
temp sensor that's black-colored...it's mounted in the center of the dash
and is dome shaped.  Irritating to look at...it looks like some sort of
hood ornament for your dashboard(this was in a 9000CSE, don't know what


At 11:02 PM -0500 on 2/3/98, julius wrote:

Well hi! lister
Someone asking if he could modify the photosensor.
I have some information on how it's work this sensor so maybe help a little.
The air-conditioning temperature control is affected by sunshine
penetration photosensor.

Brett Dikeman
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