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Re: Steamboat 98

At 1:18 PM -0700 02/03/1998, Lawson, Dave wrote:
>Haven't seen anyone mention the Steamboat adventure so I thought I would
>start. As usual Saturday was the drivers school and Sunday was the open
>track lapping. Saturday night was the SCCA ice autocross and it was
>pretty popular this year.

Well, as many might know, this was to be my first outing in my quattro, but
the distributor exploded, so I wound up participating in the SCCA ice
autocross in a friend's DSP Scirocco.

 Somewhere between 35 and 40 cars entered and I
>hear the local SCCA region wasn't to thrilled when a certain quattro
>pilot from the windy city claimed FTD and won the event outright. The
>prize for this achievement, a trophy with a camaro on top.

Heh, I believe I can speak for the "local" SCCA, at least SCCA
autocrossers, of whom I saw about 6.  AFAIK, none of us were driving
quattros.  Lemme think, Lindsay Wilson and Gary Morrell both worked the
event, my two comrades and I drove FWD Sciroccos, thinking.....did not see
any other SCCA/Colorado/CDR autocrossers there.  I am sure I missed
someone.  Grin, how _do_ I put this nicely?  I think we _expected_ a
quattro to win the event.  No, I KNOW we expected a quattro to take FTD!
What was this certain driver's time?  Was he in the "experienced" class?
Best I heard was 78.xxx out of a white/beige/champagne 5k(100? 200?) sedan.
Sounded powerful.  I was not unthrilled, giggle, to be honest, I expected a
bit more out of you quattro people;).  Yes, this might be a challenge!  Any
Colorado quattro listers want to come to some concrete autocrosses?  It
might rain.  Grin - we never see you at events!  Anyone who would like to
get involved with Colorado autocross or Solo Trials, please contact me, I
can help you out.  A friendly challenge;), I was driving a stiffly
sprung(500# springs) VW Scirocco, and my best was an 85.xxx - the best I
saw from my newfound Audi friends was a 78.xxx.  Might have missed
someone's runs, I only worked timing and scoring for the second group.  I
should sincerely hope that a 4wd car which has lots of power and a
compliant suspension would be faster than what amounts to a roadrace car
with the swaybars disconnected and Blizzaks.  Grin.  I guess this is a
roundabout way of inviting all of you Colorado people to come to more SCCA
sanctioned SoloIIs and Trials.

>I am sure some other listers will add some input from their
>perspectives. Back to dreaming about next years power slides.

Or this weekends?  The Pikes Peak Sports Car Club is having an ice event
this weekend, ice permitting.  I will post more here if there is interest -
my Quattro is going to be there, have crappy tires for it, but it'll be a
lot of fun!

Not trying to really make anyone mad, just stirring the pot:).  I was
simply not aware that we were "not thrilled" that a quattro, the world's
most renowned snow and ice car got FTD!  I really do think "we" expected
it, I know I did.  Now, if we'd beaten all of you, well, heh, then there'd
really be something to talk about!  Going to take a while to figure out how
to drive something on ice where the parking brake does not work.  Hmmm.
Should be a lot of fun, though!

I.Mannix(new listmember, new quattro owner, and the Colorado Region SCCA
SoloII Chairperson - be more than happy to answer what Solo/SCCA questions
I can)