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Big-end bearings for 200T: KS quality...


I've learnt that my big-end bearings might to be replaced. There is a
loud tapping noise from the rear of the motor when in the 1600 RPM
region and when revving to that level quickly and dropping down to
idle. My mechanic has ordered 5 sets of KS (K(something)-Schmidt)
bearings. I was just wondering if anyone on the list have used bearings
from that company and have experienced any problems. I do not wish
to cough up 3 times as much money to get the same bearings from the

I found the KS website and they provide bearings as OE to a lot of
companies, including Mercedes Benz diesel applications (incl. the
C-111 concept car from so many years ago).

Are there any special points I need to take not of? I mean, what special

points should I enquire about when buying bearings for a turbo
powered car?