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From: "Ray Hocker" <hocker@carrera-afp.com>
Subject: PRO Rally School and Rallycross in California March 7&8 

This if my first post to this list. I am pleased to be here. I am the Sports
Car Club of America's Divisional PRO Rally Steward for the Southern Pacific
Region, that's Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona. I am organizer of
several events and a rally school (see following information) and webmaster
for the California Rally Series. See our Website at
www.CaliforniaRallySeries.com .

CRS PRO Rally School/Symposium and Ridgecrest RallyCross
The California Rally Series PRO Rally School and Symposium (formerly the
Ridgecrest PRO Rally School) is a two day workshop which covers all elements
of PRO Rally competition.  Completion of the school qualifies the student
for an SCCA National PRO Rally License and satisfies the requirement for a
"first timers" class at the student's first event. The Symposium is designed
to benefit everyone from newcomer to experienced seasoned rallyist. Topics
will be of interest to all levels of competitors. This is a great
opportunity to show a new co-driver, service crew member, or spouse what PRO
Rally is all about. There is no one involved in the sport that will not
benefit from this workshop. The Directors of the School are Ray Hocker and
Donna Mitchell.

The Ridgecrest RallyCross is the first ever SCCA RallyCross in California. A
rallycross is similar to an autocross or solo except that it is held on a
dirt lot. This event combines the skills of rally driving with the strategy
and techniques of solo. The exciting aspect of this new class of events is
that stock street vehicles will be allowed to compete. Check the Fasttrack
section in the February Sportscar Magazine for the new rallycross rules.
Classes will be established for prepared and street stock vehicles. The only
safety equipment required is stock or better seatbelts and a Snell 85 or
newer helmet. This will allow those attending to the Rally School to apply
what they learned while running the rallycross with ride-alongs by the
experienced drivers present. SCCA Membership is not required.

Event Date
March 7&8, 1998

Event Location
Ridgecrest, California. Ridgecrest is located at the Northern End of Hwy 14,
about 90 miles Northeast of Los Angles, due East of Bakersfield, on the
Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.