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Fwd: A6 Quattro

You said
>My wife and I have an 89 200 and 87 5000cs turbo quattro.  Both cars are a
>treat to drive.  I am looking at a use 94 and 95 A6 quattro, both with
>about 49k.  Has anyone transitioned from an older Audi into the 1992 or
later and how do you like the newer model?  Any significant differences
between the 94 and 95 models.


You didn't mention if you were transitioning from a Automatic or a 5 speed.
 I transitioned last December from a 87 5KTQ (still own) to a 95 A6Q (both
are 5 speed)  There are significant differences.

The stering is considerabley lighter and seems more sensitive (might just
be the lighter touch)
The handling is not as good.  Much more body roll.
The A6 is much quieter at all speeds
Drivers seating position is different I think I like the 5KTQ better.
It seems to be a tad faster off the line but slower at the top end.
However, I read many posts stating the Automatic version of the car is much
slower off the line almost under powered by comparasion.
Creature comforts are much improved over the 5K.
The A6 does not have the same interior space as the 5K.
I've got a couple of AIRBAGS aiming at me all the time. Grrrrrr. :-(
Suspension also seems softer in the A6.
Brakes are much better in the A6 (both cars have ABS)
The Quattro locks automatically disengage over 20 MPH so they're useful
only for getting out a snowdrift.

Overall I like the new one but I'm afraid this may be my last Audi because
my next one (this event is years out) would (a it currently stands) have to
be an Automatic.  I could have bought a new A6 instead of this car but I
didn't because of that reason.