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Re: kitty-killing results?

On 4 Feb 1998, Kerry Griffith wrote:

> Thanks for the response. Your downpipe experience has me intrigued. I
> should have included in my post that replacing the stock exhaust manifold
> with the RS2 manifold made for very significant (subjective) results (with no

I thought I saw a picture of the RS2 manifold the other day.  It had the 
turbo outlet near the middle of manifold.   Is that correct?

> other mods, Glen :-)). Hoppen claims 10hp, which is believable, but the
> quicker spoolup is what I really like. If a kittyectomy were to produce a

That's one thing I forgot.   Spoolup was drastically reduced with the 3" 
downpipe/exhaust system.    Almost a thousand rpm lower.

> on the way they are in the other cars. Unlike others who shall remain
> nameless (Graydon) I don't build my own guitars & fabricate my own exhaust

There you go naming names again...


Graydon D. Stuckey
graydon@apollo.kettering.edu  <<< please note my new address!!!
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