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Re:Fuse/relay panel

Andrew Duane wrote:

>This sounds like the park switch is broken

Good idea and so is inspecting the common grounding points under the
dash while you're checking for corrosion from that water leak.  I no
longer have my Bentley for the '4K, but if I remember correctly there
should be a large multipoint ground connector screwed into the interior
sheetmetal behind the driver's side kick panel.  

The fuse panel itself just snaps into the box with plastic clips on the 
short sides - pry them back carefully and you should be able to raise the
panel.  It might be a good idea to remove the relays and try to look inside
with a flashlight for evidence of corrosion while you're at it - I had one
that was badly corroded because a previous owner had left the cover
open which almost caused a fire.  I got a good used replacement for $65
at the time.

Best Wishes,