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<All> Window Tint Removal [SAVE THIS]

Friends, I recently corresponded with a window tint professional who 
came upon my Datsun Z-car page.  He and I were swapping information 
about how to remove window tint film from cars.  He agreed that the 
information I recently shared was good, and added to it.  My 
thoughts and his addenda follow:

My information (as provided by a local window tint firm) is that to 
remove the film, 

1)  Spray the film with ammonia-based Windex
2)  Cover the film with plastic, ideally taped down to hold in the 
3)  Park the car in the sun to "cook" the ammonia into the film.
4)  Peel off film and wash windows.

Brett's comments.........

From:          Brett Hufford <jbhuf@concentric.net>

The recommendations you gave for removal of film were right on target
and work about 90% of the time.  The only problem is that if the film
is overly deteriorated, old, or badly bubbled, the film will come of
in little tiny pieces because it is too brittle to come off in one
large sheet.

If this occurs, the next step is to use a paint stripper or a heat
gun as window tinters call them.  From the inside or the outside,
heat the window up as hot as you can get it and peel the film off inch
by inch.  This prossess is slow, tedious, and the last resort for
problem removals.   [My comment - be VERY careful if you try this in 
cold weather.  It is possible to cause thermal cracks in glass this 
way.  Recommended for 50 degrees and up, only...Al.]

This process will not damage the rear defroster system. After 
removing the film, the adhesive will be left on the glass.  To remove 
this, soak the window with Formula 409 household cleaner, let it set 
for about 10 minutes and spray it agian.  Repeat this prosses until 
the adhesive is soft enough to scrub off with the abrasive side of a
bathroom cleaning sponge or very fine steel wool found at any 
hardware store.  [Yikes!  Careful with any abrasive on 

The only other suggestion I have is to have the removal done
professionally.  Rear defrosters are fairly easy to damage by the 
"do it yourselfer".  The best advise I can give is - bite the bullet 
and pay to have it done.  You'll save yourself hours of misery.

Brett Hufford
Sunpro Window Tinting

End of post. ..save for future reference.

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