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Re: Intermittant wipers [WAS: re: Audi Sport 3-spoke steering wheel]

Steven Buchholz wrote:
>  # And another similar question:  Is there an intermittent wiper relay 
>  # for the same car?
>  #
>  # I know they have them for the newer models, and for VW's.
> Do you mean an adjustable intermittant wiper relay?  All the Audi's
> I've owned have had an intermittant wiper mode.  If you have the
> intermittant relay it is possible to purchase a generic adjustable
> wiper module ... I got mine from German Auto Salvage (AKA WolfSport)
> for somewhere around $30-40.  I bought one to test and installed it
> on the 5kCSQW ... it is nice to have at times.  The thing plugs
> right in the place of the OEM relay.  The aftermarket relay listed
> quite a few apps other than VW and Audi ... perhaps there's some
> car that comes stock with the relay, and therefore might be a
> cheaper alternative to new ...
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)

Duh, yeah, that's what I meant of course.

I do have an intermittant wipers on my Audi's, like everyone(?) else.

Is the relay the same for the 5kCSQW as it is for a C-GT/4k?  That's 
what I was wondering.  Does anyone have a part number (for my cars)?

It would definitely be nice to have, especially lately with all the 
El Nino irrigation we're getting around here!

Ken (wishing I could drive my q in the rain...)