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Mobil 1 0w30 report (long)

Hi qlisters!

After running Mobil 1 0w30 motor oil in my 85 4ksq for a week I 
have been impressed by a significant reduction of oil temps,
a smoother running engine, and a suddenly quiet vacuum pump.

With the previous oils (Amsoil 2000, Castrol Syntec) oil temps
used to stay to around 130 C while cruising at 80 MPH 
(130 km/h), and once got to 150 C while driving in the hot
desert near Las Vegas. However, with Mobil 1 0w30, the cruising
temp stays steady at one notch below 100 and even going uphill
at 90 MPH the oil temp stays at the 100 mark. The weather is not
influencing the readings since it is warmer now than when the
car still had the previous oils and the oil temps were just as
hot then. In fact, after running those oils for 6 mos. their
burnt color and weird mucus-like consistency panicked me into
changing them. It makes me wonder that their supposed high-temp
protection is worthless since they make the engine run so much
hotter. Also, doesn't the cooler temp from the new Mobil 1
come from reduced friction which means reduced engine wear?

It certainly would appear so from the much smoother running
of the motor even right after startup. I get no more clicking
lifters either. The motor now feels and sounds like new.

Above all, my vacuum pump is now quiet. With the old oils, any
revving of the engine would start the loud TAP TAP, especially
as they became burnt from the higher temps. Now, with the new
Mobil 1, high revs and hard runs do nothing to the vacuum pump.

Not because I have any interest in that company, but because
their product seems to have fixed a number of annoyances with
my car am I posting this here. I would like to hear other
listers' experiences with and opinions about this oil, and after
enough time I will report also on any changes in the oil 
consumption. Because these problems are very common in
quattros I think that this new oil can help a lot of us.


Luis Patino - '85 4ksq 142k mi