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Re: thread dimensions for shift knob

My automatic shifter seems to taper down to a distinctly _smaller_ diameter
below the knob. The 5spd manual shifter--if I recall correctly--tapers in
the _opposite_ sense (widens below the knob), so it's possible they might
have the same thread.


>Isn't that auto shifter alot skinnier than a manual? I think it is.
>Phil Rose wrote:
>> Once upon a time, I planned to turn a new wooden gearshift knob for my Audi
>> ('91 200q). However, the Audi gods intervened before I could even get
>> around to  looking at the thread dimension needed.
>> Unfortunately, my _next_ quattro is being very elusive, and it appears I
>> might have time for a custom-made shift knob to be at the ready.(**) This
>> is a very simple task, but requires a suitable bolt to use as a lathe
>> mandrel. The thread information probably lurks in my Bentley manuals, but
>> if anyone _happens_ to know the dimensions of the gearshift lever thread
>> (is it the same for all Audi models?), please let me know. I suppose I
>> _could_ assume that the thread on my '89 100 slushbox lever would be the
>> same as for 5 spd, but then...?
>> Phil
>> (**)Specifications for my virtual Audi:
>> "Audi '91 200q, green/tan leather, sport seats, 50 kmiles, spotless, new
>> timing belt, extra set BBS wheels w/Hakka1 snow tires, factory phone, 30
>> disc CD changer w $30,000 worth of Nakamichi stereo equipment, ECU chip,
>> front brake conversion and new struts just installed. Needs new gearshift
>> knob. $10.5K obo."
>> Phil Rose               Rochester, NY
>> '89 100                 pjrose@servtech.com

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