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Re: stuttering

HOOKSA@aol.com wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone has ran accross this problem before.  About a min
> after I crank my 1993 90csq, I lose power, this happens for about 20s.  It
> reminds me of  a feeling of a dead cylinder.  I was wondering if it might be
> related in some way to a cold start valve????  By the way it is never too
> cold, here in Florida so I doubt that is a factor.  Any ideas?????

Is it related to the temp. of the engine?  i.e. does it happen only on
cold starts?
Does it accompany something else you do, i.e. steering, changing the
A/C, etc.?
Does it happen at about the same place every time, i.e. at a certain
intersection or spot on the freeway?
Have you tried turning off accessories such as the climate control when
it happens?

> Thanks in advance
> Art
> HooksA@aol.com
> PS
> Any ideas on the noise  coming from my power steering when turning.  Not a
> squeal of the belts, just a lightsqueak, hum(hard to describe).

Maybe PS pump noises, like if you put the steering wheel to full lock
and hold it there?  Check your PS fluid reservoir.  It may have
mysteriously emptied itself, mine's done that before.
There's a TSB that was published in '93 about a PS hose; that could be
what's leaking.


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