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Re: Mobil Ow30

Recently at an SAE meeting, the subject of the 0W30 oils became discussion.
Main topic was their "operating peramitters", and "intended design usage"

Seems all sorts of people are reveling in the synthetic's ability to 
"improve" certain aspects of an engines operation.

Originally the 0W30 was designed  for the "newer" car engines.
Those of the "gas-saving" economy class type cars.

What the 0W30 does is "reduced viscosity"

In specific circumstances this is good and "recommended" 
by specific car manufacturers!(5w30).   It helps their 
"newly designed" engines get better gas mileage, by
reducing internal friction caused by higher viscosity oils!
So they say.......

Older engines, however, were not originally designed, to run
on 0W30.  Or are they "recommended too"!

This is not to say the marvels of modern technology
haven't designed an oil(Ow30) that can be safely run
in older cars!

So far, only the newer "specifically" designated cars
are being recommended to run the lower 5W30 weight oils.

Personally, I have run 10W30 Mobil for years, and can attest to its
ability as being the correct oil grade, for my particular engine! 

Be cautious with the lower viscosity oils!