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Deep snow in the Quattro

>my alternator belt squealing and as I popped the hood, there was snow 
>totally packed into every compartment of the engine bay. The car never
>stalled or even lost power. You could see where the belly of the car 

>hope you never get high centered. Can't think of any real damage it 
>do to the car

Great Story!!
Got another,
	A good friend and I in his 1982 Plymouth HORIZON (yep I ain't lying) 
did the Bear Notch Road in New Hampshire.  (For those of you who don't know,
this road connects the Kangamangus Highway to Rt. 302 it is closed during the 
winter because it is not plowed).  It was touch and go for a while and we couldn't do any 
more than 10-15 mph. BUT it was FUN!.  We stopped when we got to the other end 
and looked under the hood. The engine was packed with snow so bad that we had to 
cut the air pump belt off.  He now drives a 87 4000Q and my wife drives our 100S.
Audi and snow are made for each other.