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Tarz & Washers

A couple of comments...

I've put about 1500 miles on the 1990 200 with the new Yokohama AVS-V 
tires.  I'm VERY happy with their traction (wet and dry) and 
smoothness.  They are far and away the most comfortable tire I've run 
as far as the passengers are concerned, even running at 44 psi all 
around.  (They are a directional tire and I think the arrows all 
around the sidewalls look kinda cool, too...)

Sensitivity to small steering corrections while highway driving is 
also excellent.  Long trips are less fatiguing because not as 
much effort is required to wrestle the wheel.  (And because of the 
nice ride.)  I did notice that the sidewalls on these Yokos were the 
MOST flexible I've ever seen (next to Michelins - the only tires 
on which you can flip the beads inside out...) which probably 
accounts for the ride.

Hard to say much about handling, as a new tire has such thick tread 
blocks that they always feel "looser" than a set with 50% wear.  I 
would say that they don't feel as responsive as the BFG Comp-TA 
H-series that came off it, but those were on the tread bars and 
should be expected to be fast in response.  

At any rate, they are cornering well for me, and I feel very 
confident and comfortable driving them. Overall, I'm absolutely 
delighted with them!  

Second - about "dribbly" windshield  washers....I had some on the 
driver's side of the 200 - got PO'd and shot about 100 psio of 
compressed air into them out of a small orifice nozzle.  This shot 
fluid back out of the other side....and cleared the offending nozzle 
nicely.  Call it the "BF Hammer" school of nozzle clearning....


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