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Re: No brakes - '84 5k

Check the fluid accumulator (the little grenade lookink thing) it's a common
symptom of Audi disease.


Horch, August wrote:

> On the way to work this morning, I slid in the ice & rearended a Blazer.
> Not hard, prolly 5MPH worth, didn't do anything (additional) to the
> Audi, & the Blazer is fine.  HOWEVER, after I started driving again,
> when I tried to stop the car, the pedal felt normally stiff for about
> 2-3 seconds, then the thing went to the floor.  Pretty unfun.  It still
> stopped the car, but something obviously isn't right.  I got to work &
> looked under the hood & around the car, didn't see anything that had
> worked loose, no fluid all over the place or anythign obvious.  The
> spare tire onthe Blazer had hit right int he middle of the hood onthe
> Audi, nothing got sheered off or anything.  Anyone with things to check?
> I'd like to drive the 45 miles home tonight with the peace of mind of
> having brakes...  :-)  Many thanks!
> -August