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Oil temp. guage FIXED (was: Engine temp/oil temp)

A while back I posted that my oil temp guage always showed the bottom
mark.  While installing a new stereo, I found a lone loose wire in
there (blue/black I think), which I couldn't figure out what it did.
I hooked up my voltage tester (basically a 50W DC bulb) to that wire
and ground and luckily noticed my oil temp guage go up 2-3 notches!!

After more searching, I found a plug with 2 wires going in one end
and a bare plug to the thick white one on the other side.  I hooked
up the blue/black wire to the thick white one, and now my oil temp.
guage works.

BTW, the thick white wire looks exactly the same as the one coming
out of the oil temp. sensor on my engine.

I think it must have come out when someone was working on or stealing
the old car stereo before I got the car.  I haven't had my oil temp.
working ever since I got the car 6 years ago, and all because of one
loose wire.

The dealer didn't even find this - I asked them to diagnose the problem
several years ago, and after 30 min of labor they just said the sender
seemed good.  I told another shop this, and asked if they could look
further.  They charged me another hour and said "the sender seems good".
Boneheads.  I was in too much of a hurry to argue, but plan to write
asking for a refund...


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