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RE: selling 1996 S6

From: 	Bernie Melloul
Sent: 	Monday, February 02, 1998 8:50 AM
To: 	'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'
Subject: 	selling 1996 S6

   Located in Toronto area ,I am interested in selling my beast.Presently
   developing 315 hp. with T.A.P. chip, filter,and waste gate spring. Also
   have TSW 17" Hock.R. rims and 235 Michelin Pilots. Factory rims have 
   Bridgestone 235 speed rated snows.Will deliver to Detroit or Bufallo .
   The dark green paint looks great with the dark window tint. Presently
    at 51000 KM. this mint puppy has warranty to 80000KM.
    I am seeking in the neighbourhood of 45000 US  Dollars.Interrested
    party is to look after proper US registration and entry into country.
    Any inquiry, please address to berniem@melloul.com
    Three responses were not very helpfull. If any one has advise on legit
    valuein the US. I would appreciate. With thanks Bernie.